Several new items added to website & collection - 16 April 2017

Visiting the recordfair in Utrecht this month has resulted in a few lovely additions to my MadonnaCollection, check them out below!

CDsingle Living for love (4-track) - UK (Catalog number 06025 4723 8962)


CDsingle Jump (2-track) - UK (Catalog number W744CD1)


CDsingle Hung up (3-track) - UK (Catalog number W695CD2)


CDsingle Secret (the remixes) (5-track) - UK (Catalog number W0268CD2)


CDsingle promo Don't cry for me Argentina (2-track) - UK (Catalog number WO384CDDJ)


7" vinyl single Express yourself - Cat.Nr. W 2948 W - UK



French 'Carrefour Savoirs' magazine (October, 2000) added to collection - 9 April 2017


Newly added: Harper's Bazaar magazine Serbia - 9 April 2017

A huge thank you goes out to my sweet friend Ingrid for her help!

Madonna on the cover of UK newspapers - 7 April 2017

I added 2 newspapers from the UK to my collection with Madonna on the cover, thank you to Jay for the Daily Mirror!

Daily Mirror - UK (8 February 2017)     |     Irish Daily Mail - Ireland (22 February 2017)



 UK newspaper article scans added - 6 April 2017

A big thank you goes out to Jay for sending me these lovely newspaper articles from the UK!

Daily Mirror - UK (9 February 2017)     |     Daily Mail - UK (9 February 2017)


The Sun newspaper - UK (23 January 2017)

Madonna featured in and partly on the cover of 'Public' magazine - 5 April 2017

Thanks to Jay for sending me this partly coverfeature from French 'Public' magazine, November 2016. It containted a 1-page article about Madonna inside.


MadonnaLove sportsbag - 4 April 2017

Yaaay, working out just became a lot more fun with my personal MadonnaLove sportsbag! We go hard or we go home!

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