New 12" vinyl singles added to website & collection - 30 August 2014

At a small record fair I, was able find some lovely 12" vinyl singles:

Me against the music - Cat. Nr. 82876576431 - UK (Backsleeve without Britney picture + Runout groove 82876 57643-1)
Gambler - Cat.Nr. TA 6585 - UK (Made in England on backsleeve & label + Runout groove TA 6585)
Causing a commotion - Cat.Nr. W 8224 T - UK (Made in UK on label + Runout groove W 8224 T)
Angel - Cat.Nr. MS 920335-0 - Spain (Backsleeve Into the groove & Spanish text backsleeve + label)




Report Music (December, 2001) coverfeature from Czech Republic & more full page articles added - 24 August 2014

Many thanks go out to my sweet Madonnafriend Alena for the lovely 'Music Report' coverfeature (December, 2001) and the awesome full page articles on the Queen, thanks!
Stay tuned for more magazine full page article scans on MadonnaLove soon!






Happy birthday, Queen M! - 16 August 2014


10.000 visitors on MadonnaLove, THANK YOU! - 15 August 2014

Since this website has been online, MadonnaLove has welcomed over 10.000 visitors. Thank you so much to all MadonnaLove visitors, supporters, fans & friends!

Unofficial More Maximum Madonna CD & Telegraaf newspaper - 9 August 2014

Madonna features in Dutch newspaper 'Telegraaf' (August 8th issue) with a fullpage article. Also added to my collection, thanks to a Marktplaats-seller, is the unofficial 'More Maximum Madonna' interview CD (including a mini poster). Check out the photos and scans below.




German DVD releases added to website & collection - 4 August 2014

The German DVD releases for 'Evita' (1996 - Cat.Nr. P451130 - Germany) & 'A league of their own' (1992 Eine klasse fur sich - Cat.Nr. 4-030521-145894 - Germany) are now added to my collection and website.


Madonna features in this week's German 'OK!' magazine - 4 August 2014

This week's (31 July, 2014) German 'OK!' magazine features a 1-page article on Madonna. Check the scan out below.

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