2012 has been the best MDNA-year ever for me. I am forever grateful for this special summer, seeing the MDNA tour in so many different city's with so many special friends! Thank you to every single one of you! I feel blessed and the MDNA-era has been a dream come true for me, I'll never forget.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy MDNA-2013! Cheers!

2 spanish magazines added to website & collection - 30 December 2012

I want to thank Germán sooooooo much these 2 spanish magazines: Yo Dona (June 2012, Spain) & Mujer Hoy ( March 2012, Spain). They are now added to my collection & website!


Christmas update - 24 December 2012

A HUGE thank you goes out to my sweet friends Sofia & Ann Nilsson from Sweden for their amazing surprise-christmas-packages! Ann, you're the BEST finding me this cool 'Die another day' official music sheet and the amazing special magazine on Lady M.
Sweeeeet Sofia, thank you for the amazing clipping lot on Madonna, awesome addition to my collection. Especially the HX magazine is stunning, as well as the other older and rare coverfeatures. They shine on my website and I am forever grateful to the both of you for your help and kindness!




New newspaper and magazine coverfeatures added to my collection and website - 22 December 2012

Thank you to the lovely Sofia & Ann Nilsson for all these amazing newspaper and magazine coverfeatures on the Queen, you girls are amazing! Also a big thank you goes out to Germán for helping me with the stunning Yo Dona magazine from Spain!




W.E. german DVD added to website and collection - 16 December 2012

I added the German DVD for W.E. to my collection: 2012 W.E. Cat. Nr. 88691989789 - Germany


Celebration & MDNA travelmugs added to website & collection - 7 December 2012

I was able to add these cool Celebration & MDNA travelmugs to my collection! For all dutch fans, they are available at the FAME musicstore in Amsterdam.


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