Official Music books (Piano-Vocal-Guitar Artist Songbook) added to website & collection - 27 December 2013

A huge thank you goes out to Priscilla for helping me with the official Music Books (Piano-Vocal-Guitar artist songbook) on 'Music' (album) and 'Confessions on a dance floor'. These are the first official Music Books that I was able to add to my collection, thank you Priscilla!



Christmas update! - 25 December 2013

Many thanks to my sweet friends Sofia & Ann for sending me this amazing Christmas-package with lots of magazine material and lovely gifts! Thank you so much for the 'Tribu move' &
'Questions de Femmes' coverfeatures, as well as the stunning fullpage articles and all the clippings. Not to mention the cute 5 'Celebration' coasters and the lovely trays, such awesome christmasgifts, I can't thank you enough! Merry christmas to you!!




Merry christmas & Happy 2014 to all MadonnaLove-visitors!


Madonna in this week's Dutch Grazia, Girlie show book & fullpages added to collection - 22 December 2013

This week's Dutch Grazia magazine (week 51, 2013) published a 2-page article about Madonna and Brahim's breakup. See below for the scan. A big thank you goes out to Yolanda for sending me a lovely package with many fullpage articles that I was able to add to my collection! Last but not least, I was able to add the 'The Girlie Show' book (UK edition) to my collection.




German OK! magazine article - 15 December 2013

The latest issue of German magazine 'OK' published an 1-page article about Madonna and Brahim's break up, check out the scan below.


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