Hard Candy promo button set added to website & collection - 30 December 2014

Many thanks to my sweetest friends Ann & Sofia for this gorgeous gift, love it!!


Merry X-mas & happy 2015!

Merry Christmas & Happy 2015 to everyone! Cheers, it's gonna be a good Madonna-year!


Special poster magazine 'Star pix Madonna tour special' added - 25 December 2014

Many thanks go out to my sweet Madonnafriend
Ellen for this poster magazine 'Star pix Madonna tour special', 1990, UK. Thank you for this lovely Christmas present!



New section on MadonnaLove: magazine articles gallery! - 14 December 2014

I am proud to launch a new section on my website, all about the many magazine articles that were published on Madonna. There are thousands of magazine articles that were published on the Queen and it's my pleasure sharing the ones I have in my personal collection with Madonnafans all over the world. In the different magazine articles galleries you can find scans from 1985 up until the most recent magazine articles that were published on the Queen.

A huge thank you goes out to many friends and traders all over the world who have helped me since 2000, to make this collection of magazine articles possible for me. I am forever grateful to everyone who has helped me and made this new section on my website possible. You know who you are. Check out the magazine articles galleries now!

Stay tuned & visit MadonnaLove to see many more scans of magazine articles added in the future! Thanks for visiting!


Madonna in the latest Dutch 'Grazia' & 'Ditjes & Datjes' magazines - 13 December 2014

Madonna is featured in both Dutch 'Grazia' and 'Ditjes & Datjes' magazines (December, 2014). 'Grazia' magazine dedicates 2 pages to the queen about her latest trip to Malawi, 'Ditjes & Datjes' talks about Madonna's friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow.



Madonna on the cover of UK newspapers 'The Sun' & 'Daily Star' - 5 December 2014

Both UK newspapers 'The Sun' & 'Daily Star' from 2 December 2014 featured Madonna on the cover. The newspapers published the newly released photos for 'Interview' magazine. Both newspapers are now added to my collection and MadonnaLove.net.


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