Magazine coverfeatures added! - 26 December 2017

A big thankyou-hug goes out to my longtime friend Sofia for all these beautiful Madonna coverfeatures, such amazing additions to my collection, THANK YOU!

Biguine, March 1998 (France)     |     YOU, Winter 2000 (Australia)     |     Hi club, 2001 (Bulgaria)     |     Fresh, June 2003 (Australia)


Pride life, Spring 2015 (UK)     |     Tele Poche, February 1993 (France)     |     Tele Poche, October 1986 (France)     |     Rock & Folk, September 1985 (France)



Swedish additions! - 26 December 2017

A huge Christmas-thank-you goes out to my dear friend Ann for these 2 gorgeous Swedish coverfeatures on Madonna!

MAX, 1992 (Sweden)     |     Vecko Revyn, May 1987 (Sweden)



Sorrisi e canzoni TV magazine (1997) added - 26 December 2017

Thank you Sofia for sending me the 'Sorrisi e canzoni TV' magazine from Italy (March, 1997).


NME magazines added to collection - 26 December 2017

Thank you sooooo much to my sweet friend Sofia for these lovely NME magazines, amazing additions to my collection!

NME, March 1998 (UK)     |     NME, December 1995 (UK)



Christmas update sneakpeak! 25 December 2017

A huge Christmas-thankyou goes out to my friends Sofia & Ann for this amazing Madonna Christmas-gift! Loooooooove you! Scans and info will be added soon to MadonnaLove, stay tuned!


Merry Christmas and a happy 2018!

MadonnaLove wishes everyone a lovely Christmas celebration and a happy & healthy 2018! Thank you for your endless love and support, it's so much appriciated!


Newly added: People magazine, September 2017 (USA) - 23 December 2017

Thank you so much to Ingrid for this beautiful magazine!


New magazine & newspaper articles from the UK! - 17 December 2017

A big and warm thank you goes out to my sweet Madonnafriend Jay from the UK for all these gorgeous articles, thank you for your help, always!

Hello magazine - October 2017 (UK)     |     Sunday Mirror - UK (October, 2017)     |     Daily Star - UK - (November, 2017)


Bild - Germany (July, 2017)


Zdrowie bez lekow magazine - 10 December 2017

I have been lucky to add the Polish magazine 'Zdrowie bez lekow' (November, 2017) to my collection. Check out the cover and inside article below.



Newly added: MadonnaLove merchandise Latte Macchiato mugs - 10 December 2017

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