This week's Dutch Grazia published a 1-page article about the Grammy Awards 2014 - 30 January 2014


Madonna in this week's Dutch magazines 'Prive' & 'Panorama' - 25 January 2014

Dutch magazines 'Prive' and 'Panorama' published articles on Madonna in this week's issues, check the scans out below.



Official Sticky & Sweet tour 2009 poster added to website & collection - 23 January 2014

Many thanks go out to Jouri, who helped me adding this official 2009 Sticky & Sweet tour poster (it's different from the 2008 one) to my collection!


MadonnaLove on Social Media - 19 January 2014

Since 2006 I have my website dedicated to Madonna online, where I share my love, collection and updates with you all! Lately I decided to add some Social Media accounts to it, so I can spread & share the news that I publish on my website. Below you find the links to the MadonnaLove Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. If you like please 'like' & 'follow' to stay updated with the latest news on the Queen! Thanks for visiting!

MadonnaLove Facebook:

MadonnaLove Twitter:

MadonnaLove Instagram:


Official 'Swept away' postcard & 2001 UK Newspaper added to website and collection -  18 January 2014

 Thanks again to my dear friend Priscilla I added an official 'Swept away' postcard to my collection, as well as the 'Daily Express' newspaper from 11 June 2001.



Madonna in this week's Dutch 'Weekend' & 'Grazia' magazine - 15 January 2014

 Due to the rumours about Madonna and Dutch dancer Timor Steffens, this week's Dutch magazines 'Weekend' and 'Grazia' published several articles. Check them out below.


3inch CDsingle 'Cherish' added to website & collection - 10 January 2014

Thank you to Priscilla for helping me adding this 3inch Cdsingle 'Cherish' Germany (921326-2 RSA on back of CD) to my collection!



New vinyl (album & 7inch) added to website and collection - 4 January 2014

Welcome to 2014! I'm happy to be making my first update in 2014 with some vinyl that I was able to find for a bargain at a fleamarket today! Below you can find the scans of 'The immcaculate collection' vinyl album from Germany (Cat.Nr. 7599-26440-1) and three 7inch singles:

1984 Lucky Star (2-trk) - Cat.Nr. W 9522 - UK ('Made in UK' on label, small center hole)
1985 Like a virgin (2-trk) - Cat.Nr. W 9210 - UK (Hard Silver Label + Made in UK on it - Small Center Hole)
1985 Like a virgin (2-trk) - Cat.Nr. W 9210 - UK (Yellow Label + Made in UK on it, small center hole, with mention of Billy Steinberg credit)




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