Interview magazine & Official 2015 calendar added - 11 January 2015



Thank you! - 8 January 2015

Thank you very much to all visitors for your support, I am so happy to celebrate 100 'likes' on MadonnaLove's Facebookpage. Thanks!
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New artwork 'MDNA Tour Celebration' added - 4 January 2015

I love this rebelheart! I just added this new artwork 'MDNA tour Celebration' to the 'My Madonna-Art' section. I hope y'all like it, enjoy!


Official 2013 Europe calendar added to website & collection - 3 January 2015

Thank you to my lovely girlfriend for this awesome Christmas gift, finally able to add the official 2013 calender (Europe, ISBN 1-78054-062-0) to my collection!



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