Q magazine May 2012 China coverfeature added to website & collection - 27 July 2014


Madonna's 'Truth or dare Naked' fraguance & magazines added to website & collection - 19 July 2014

 A huge thank you goes out to my sweet Madonnafriend Diana for the 'Truth or dare Naked' fraguance and to my dearest Madonnafriend Ingrid for the amazing L'uomo Vogue magazine and 2 V magazines. You are the best!



Full page magazine articles added to website & collection - 12 July 2014

 Thanks again to my dear Madonnafriend Alena for these beautiful full page magazine articles. Most of the articles are from French magazines 'Closer' and 'Public', German magazines 'Bunte' and 'OK!' and Russian magazine 'Star'.
Soon you'll be able to find many more magazine articles scans in a brand new section on MadonnaLove.





New unofficial 2013 calendar added to website & collection - 11 July 2014

 Many thanks go out to my dear Madonnafriend Alena for this gorgeous unofficial 2013 calendar!


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