New 'Mate' coverfeature & items added to website and collection - 17 June 2012

I was able to add the German 'Mate' 2012 coverfeature on Madonna to my collection thanks to Melanie. Also my thanks go out to Marja for being so sweet and getting the 2008 dutch version 'Leven met mijn zus Madonna' book.

Another item added to my collection is the unofficial dvd 'Madonna - Goddess of Pop' thanks to my sweety Kim! On internet I was able to buy the 2007 H&M 'M by Madonna' crewshirt, which is now added to my collection. And last but not least I was one of the lucky Ici Paris winners of the 75 ml Truth or dare eau de parfum & showergel.



New Madonna coverfeatures & items added to website and collection - 9 June 2012

There are many friends that I would like to thank for being able to make this amazing update! I would like to thank my dear Madonna-friend Priscilla for the official Pencil Pocket & stickersheet. A special thank you to my girlfriend Kim for the gorgeous photobook 'Madonna' by Daryl Easlea & Eddi Fiegel (ISBN: 978-1-4463-0177-7).
In London I was also able to buy official 'Celebration' items: A bag, a keychain and postcard. All items are added to my collection gallery, there you will be able to find bigger scans.



I also have been able to add 16 new coverfeatures to my collection, thanks to my friends Priscilla, Peggy from Belgium and Cristiana from Italy.






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