New magazine coverfeatures added to website & collection - 23 March 2013

Thank you to my American friend Nick for these gorgeous magazine coverfeatures!

Harper's Bazaar subscribers issue January 2012 - USA, Out April 2011 - USA, Photo September/October 2001 - USA
Playboy September 1985 - USA, Rolling Stone September 1987 - USA and Time Out New York July 2012 - USA




M by Madonna H&M silk scarf added to website & collection - 17 March 2013

A huge kiss goes out to my Madonna-twinnie Diana for this lovely birthday present, the M by Madonna silk scarf for H&M, love it!


Amazing B-day update - 16 March 2013

Thank you sooooooo much to my 2 supersweet Swedish friends Ann & Sofia for celebrating my birthday in a very special way with these very rare and beautiful cover features below! They're certainly one of the most rare and special ones in my collection, love ya!!!




New Russian coverfeatures - 15 March 2013

Thank you to my dear friend Andrey for these gorgeous Russian cover features, Grazia, november 2012 and A-magazine 2006!



New magazine coverfeatures added to website & collection - 13 March 2013

A HUGE thank you goes out to my sweet friend Peggy from Belgium & Christiana from Italy for their amazing help! Added to my collection are the Italian magazines SpeakUp June 2012, Gioia March 2012 and the STUNNING Vanity Fair from May 2012. Check out the scans below. As well as some gorgeous magazine material.





New re-issue of MadonnaStyle book & Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition - 9 March 2013

I added the re-issue of the MadonnaStyle book to my collection. It features Madonna's styles until the very recent MDNA tour. Today I visited the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition with lots of awesome Madonna outfits in Rotterdam. Check out some of the photos below, and visit the 'The fashion world of Jean Paul Gaultier' gallery to see all photos. Also added is an official postcard for sale at the exhibition.




New items and coverfeatures added to website & collection - 8 March 2013

Thanks to the wonderful Alena I was able to add the Czech Republic promotional posters for The next best thing & Confessions tour DVD to my collection. Thanks as well to Alena, for the wonderful 'Carrefour Savoirs' from 2007 and 'Madame Eva' from 2012.

I also want to thank Veronica Magazine for sending me the issue with this wonderful article about the MDNA tour.



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