Russian 'Harper's Bazaar' coverfeature added to website & collection - 30 March 2014


German magazine clippings - 17 March 2014

Thanks to Bianca for these German magazine clippings!


Madonna Covermania birthday update! - 16 March 2014

I am so excited being able to add 13 new magazine coverfeatures to my website & collection, what a special way to celebrate my birthday on MadonnaLove! A birthday gift by 2 of the most amazing and sweet friends ever! Thanks Ann & Sofia! Check out the Magazine coverfeatures gallery for bigger scans.





Madonna related phonecharms & magazine clippings - 8 March 2014

Thank you sweet Ingrid for your help with the Madonna related phonecharms and the Veronica magazine clippings!



New magazine covers from Yugoslavia added to website & collection - 7 March 2014

A HUGE thank you goes out to my sweet friend Ece for sending me this 2 gorgeous ELLE coverfeatures (February 2006 & October 2008) from Yugoslavia, along with some other great material. Thanks!



Magazine clippings-mania! - 5 March 2014

Thanks to Daniela for another bunch of great magazine and newspaper clippings!


Beautiful post on Whitney Houston Collectibles about MadonnaLove - 3 March 2014

Whitney Houston Collectibles ( shared this beautiful post of a message I send to share my thoughts about Whitney. Thank you for posting my message and the links to MadonnaLove on the Whitney Houston Collectibles page, it means a lot to me! Check out the message below.


New items added to website & collection - 1 March 2014

Many thanks to Jouri for selling parts of his amazing collection to me, now added to my collection are the Japanese moviebook for 'The best best thing' both 'Interview' magazines issues from 2010 and the 2009 Sticky & Sweet tour plastic keychain. Please visit my collection gallery & magazine covers gallery for more and bigger scans.




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