ew Madonna coverfeatures & items added to website and collection - 27 May 2012

Many thanks to my dear friend Tsenko for these 2 lovely coverfeatures from Bulgaria.
I also added the 'Girl Gone Wild' remixes cdmaxi single as well as the gorgeous Picture disc to my collection.




New Madonna top  added to website and collection - 19 May 2012

I have THE sweeeeeeetest girlfriend on this planet! Thanks to her I am able to add this very cool new Madonna top to my collection!


New russian magazinecover features  added to website and collection - 10 May 2012

Many, many, many thanks go out to my dear friend Andrey for all these amazing russian coverfeatures on the Queen! You're da best!



New items added to website and collection - 10 May 2012

I was able to add some cool items to my collection:

Book 2010 - The illustrated biography Madonna - Marie Clayton
Smirnoff Madonna limited edition tour pack - 2012



Zeit magazine & Girl Gone Wild 2-trk CDsingle added to website and collection - 6 May 2012

What a cool dad I have! He helped me with this Zeit magazine from Germany on Madonna. Thanks to my sweet girlfriend for the 'Girl Gone Wild' CDsingle as a gift for my birthday, love it!

2012 Girl gone wild - CD maxi single (2-trk) - Cat.Nr. 0602537015177 - Germany


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