New Madonna items added to website & collection - 25 November 2012

Check out the photos below to see the update of items I was able to add to my collection. Finally, after 5 years I was able to find ICON magazine issue 45, I am so happy! You can also find Elle magazines from Spain and South America, a promo counter standee for Holiday in 1991. More down you can see photos of items like a photo of the 1986 released official True Blue puzzle, some CDsingles, the MDNA double CD from Ukraine, Fever, Crazy for you (1991) & Music (album) vinyl, (Many, many thanks to Remco for the Music album vinyl! :-))) as well as the 1996 and 2013 (USA) official calendars and the first Laserdisc to add to my collection: Laserdisc Evita from France!







Girl Gone Wild illustrated Tshirt: Design by Sanne - 23 November 2012

I just created a new T-shirt with an illustrated image of the 'Girl Gone Wild'-video. It's a design I made myself.



Russian newspapers & magazine covers added to website & collection - 8 November 2012

 A HUGE thank you goes out to Andrey in Russia for these amazing Russian newspaper and magazine covers, you are the best!
Check out the Collection-page for bigger scans.






Truth Or Dare official fragrance promo postcard added to website & collection - 8 November 2012


MDNA official promo bracelets added to website & collection - 4 November 2012

These lovely & cute official MDNA promo bracelets are now added to my collection and website. A big thank you goes out to Priscilla for this 'NRC Handelsblad' newspaper with Madonna on the cover. It was published on 9 july 2012 when she was in Amsterdam for her MDNA worldtour.



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