Julien's auctions catalog October 2014 - 30 November 2014

A huge thank you goes out to my sweet friend
Sharon (www.whitneyhoustoncollectibles) for being so kind sending me the Julien's auctions catalog October 2014 including all the Madonna related pages. The catalog includes photos/auctions of many amazing outfits that for example featured in Madonna's movie 'Evita' and pieces she wore during her 'Music' and 'American pie' videos. Below you can find the scans, but please visit the
MadonnaLove Julien's auctions catalog gallery to view all scans in high quality.






Madonna items added to website & collection - 24 November 2014

Part 1:

Thank you to
Priscilla for the lovely mirror and many thanks go out to Remco for helping me to add the re-release W.E. DVD (41795LAB80.02 - Holland) to my collection. Many more items are added to the website like another Ray of light official stickersheet, a French promotional postcard for the 'Music' album release and a Evita promo sheets set from France.

Check out bigger scans in the collection gallery.



Part 2:

 Also added to the website are several CD, CDsingles and vinyl releases:

CD: 2002 Swept away original soundtrack - Cat.Nr. VSD-6415 - Germany

3inch CD maxi single: 2003 Me against the music - 82876 58127 2 - Germany
CD maxi single: 2003 Me against the music - (4-trk) - Cat.Nr. 82876 57643-2 - UK (Comes with promotional sticker on back)
CD cardsleeve single: 2005 Hung up - (2-trk) - Cat.Nr. 5439158962 - France (SNA on back of CD denotes France pressing plant)
CD maxi single: 1998 Ray of light - (4-trk) - Cat.Nr. 9362-44536-2 - Germany (936244536-2 0598 on back of CD)

7" vinyl single: 1986 Papa dont preach - Cat.Nr. W 8636 - UK (Runout groove W 8636 + Made in UK )




Madonna item & clippings added - 2 November 2014

Thank you Peggy for your beautiful present and the lovely full page magazine articles on Madonna. Check out the scans below and stay tuned for many more scans in a complete new section soon!






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