Magazine clippingsmania! - 22 February 2014

Thank you to Peggy for this lovely pack of Madonna clippings! They will make my collection shine brighter.


31 'Likes' on the MadonnaLove Facebookpage, thank you! - 22 February 2014

 The Facebookpage for MadonnaLove has 31 'Likes' at this moment, thank you all for your support. If you know any Madonnafans out there, please feel free to spread the word! Please click on the banner below to visit MadonnaLove's Facebookpage.


Australian Love profusion CD maxi single (3-trk) added to website and collection - 15 February 2014

 A big thank you goes out to Sharon for helping me with this Australian CD maxi single 'Love profusion'.
(2003 - CD maxi single (3-trk) - Cat.Nr. 9362426922 - Australia (Sticker w nr + DATA IFPIL 311 9362426922 on back of CD)



New vinyl albums added to website and collection - 15 February 2014

 Newly added to my collection is the German vinyl album for You can dance (925 535-1) and the German vinyl album for True Blue (925 442-1, Re-issue with poster 'Who's that girl tour'). Check the scans out below.



1000 magazine coverfeatures anniversary - 14 February 2014

 MadonnaLove is celebrating 1000 magazine coverfeatures online! And what a better day to celebrate that anniversary then on Valentinesday! In the Magazine Covers gallery you can now find a collection of over 1000 magazine coverfeature scans. There are many friends, traders, collectors who I would like to thank for helping me reach this milestone. I could have not done this without you, you know who you are! THANK YOU!


Magazine covers & magazine material update - 9 February 2014

A big thank you goes out to Jess ( for helping me make this beautiful magazine covers and magazine material update on MadonnaLove! Thanks for your kidness and this amazing trade.





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