Madonna on the cover of German 'EMMA' magazine (March/April issue) - 26 February 2017

German 'EMMA' magazine with Madonna on the cover is now added to my MadonnaCollection, it features a lovely photo from the Women's March on the cover.


New magazine coverfeature scans added - 26 February 2017

Thx to Sandra for these lovely magazine coverfeatures, all scans are now added to the 'Magazine covers' galleries, enjoy the HQ scans!

Cyber Music magazine coverfeature (1997) - Germany     |     A (Anna) magazine coverfeature (March, 2008) - Italy     |     Media world magazine coverfeature (March, 1998) - Germany


Musik Express magazine coverfeature (April, 2000) - Germany     |     National Enquirer magazine coverfeature (July, 2008) - USA



Magazine article scans - 25 February 2017

Thank you to Sandra for these, please check out the 'magazine articles section' for HQ  and more scans.

IN magazine (Germany) - March 2008     |     Eva Tremila magazine (Italy) - 1998


Harper's Bazaar magazine Taiwan edition (February, 2017) - 24 February 2017

I am so happy to be able to add this gorgeous Harper's Bazaar issue from Taiwan to my collection! Thank you sooooo much to Tomoko for all your help!


Russian 'ELLE' magazine (2001) added to website & collection - 21 February 2017

Thank you sooooo much Stephan for this gorgeous ELLE magazine from Russia (February 2001).


Harper's Bazaar 2003 magazines added to website & collection - 19 February 2017

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Stephan for these gorgeous magazines, such a dream come true adding them to my MadonnaCollection!

Harper's Bazaar Turkey, October 2003     |     Harper's Bazaar Czech Republic, December 2003



'The next best thing' releases added - 19 February 2017

Thank you to Stephan for the German VHS for 'The Next Best Thing'!

DVD The Next Best Thing - USA release (Catalog Number 2 33422)     |     VHS The Next Best Thing (Ein freund zum verlieben) - Germany release (Catalog Number 5536)



Various new Madonna items added to collection & website - 18 February 2017

A big thank you goes out to my dear Madonnafriend Stephan for these gorgeous items! For more of my personal collection, please visit the 'My Collection' gallery.

AOL official French 3" Promo only CD (Music/Drowned world tour promotion)    |    Sticky & Sweet tour DVD + CD - Japan (Catalog Number WPZR-30363-4)


Tower Records magazine (October 2000, USA)



Promotional flyers - 18 February 2017

These promotional flyers for MDNA Skin and H&M collection are now added to my collection, thanks to Stephan!



WWD Japan magazine (September, 2016) added to website & collection - 17 February 2017

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my friend Tomoko for her help with WWD Japan magazine, you're the best!


Madonna postcards added to website & collection - 14 February 2017

Thanks to Stephan I was able to add these official & unofficial promotional postcards to my MadonnaCollection!

Official H&M 'M by Madonna' promotional postcard (Germany)     |     Official 'Body of Evidence' lobby postcards (Spain)


Official MDNA Tour DVD promotional postcard (Germany)     |     Unofficial MDNA postcard (Madonna Spotlight Fanclub, Germany)



Hard Candy Fitness doublesided coupon (Berlin, Germany) added - 13 February 2017

Thank you to Stephan!


New magazines with Madonna on the cover added - 12 February 2017

Thank you to Ingrid for your sweet help with these 2 beautiful magazines with Madonna on the cover!

Harper's Bazaar (February 2017, USA)    |    Gala (January 2017, Germany)



Newly added! 'Classic Pop' Madonna special edition - 10 February 2017


New items added to website & collection - 5 February 2017

13 years after the Re-invention tour in 2004, I was able to add this beautiful item of official Re-invention tour merchandise to my MadonnaCollection, so happy!


This awesome photo of Madonna was published in German newspaper 'Berliner Kurier', issue 23 January 2017.


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