New magazine covers - Posted 31 august 2007

Recently I bought some new magazine covers, check them out! Please visit the Magazine covers gallery for bigger scans.

All Hitkrant magazines + Bravo magazine are from 1987, Popfoto is from 1990 and the amazing POP is from 2002.



One year ago... Posted 27 august 2007

Today it's one year ago that I saw the first concert of the 'Confessions tour' in Paris, Bercy. Thanks once again to Madonna for such an amazing summer, memories that will live forever on in my heart!

New items - Posted 27 August 2007

I've had a 'Madonna-holiday' this week and I was able to pick up many new items for my collection, enjoy!

The Japanese version of 'Confessions on a dance floor - The 12" vinyl maxi singles on 'Get together', 'Like a prayer', and 'Express yourself'.


7" vinyl singles on 'Holiday' (UK edition) and 'Angel'.


A COADF Tshirt (unofficial) - A french special magazine from 1998 - DVD 'Queen of pop/Wild angel' 2007 - H&M promo bag

Many thanks to Marja for the H&M bag and to Fabienne for her amazing items! Love ya!


New magazines! - Posted 26 august 2007

I was lucky to be able to add these amazing magazine covers to my collection! Thanks to my dear friend Sofia, for your neverending help and support and also a big THANK YOU to Vincent!

Popfoto - March 1990 Holland          Next - July 2006 USA

Now - August 2007 UK          Now - October 2005 USA


I also added a lot of old posters to my collection, thanks to a dear friend of mine!


New magazines! - Posted 13 august 2007

I have an AMAZING update on magazine covers, thanks to my angels Sofia and Ann!! Thank you SOOO much for everything, love ya girls!:*





New items - Posted 11 august 2007

The first calendars for 2008 are in stores again! Today I was able to find the first one, an unofficial one, but with gorgeous photos of the Confessions tour. I also bought the 12" vinyl single for Live to tell, french release.


New magazine articles - posted 10 august 2007

Hi all! Here is just a small update with some new magazine articles I got. There is a 2-page spread about her new album in german magazine GALA, it's available in stores now. Thanks to my dear friend Sofia for the other articles.

GALA August 2007 - Germany                                                                         Entrevue April 1998 - France                                             


Chocolate 2004 - France|Belgium

New official ICON magazines added to collection and website part 2 - Posted 7 August 2007

Today I was able to add the 2nd part of the official ICON magazines to my collection! Enjoy the scans of #13, #14, #19 and # 39! I also added the Polish issue of ELLE magazine to my collection and website, scroll down to see the scan. Many thanks to Joanna for helping me! Please visit the galleries for bigger scans of all items!


New official ICON magazines added to collection and website - Posted 6 August 2007

I'm happy to say that I was able to add official ICON number 9, 10, 11 and 12 to my collection! Later this week some more official ICON magazines will be added to my collection and website, ofcourse they will be posted on the news page. Along with the ICON magazines I have added the cardsleeve CDsingle on 'Don't cry for me Argentina' to my collection and Madonna featured on the cover of 'GRAZIA' magazine in the UK. Check it out!



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