New items and magazine covers added to website and collection - Posted 24 August 2009

Many thanks to Melanie for sending me the 2006 official merchandise catalog, along with 3 new coverfeatures, THANKS!


The final and last Sticky & Sweet experience - Posted 23 August 2009

The Sticky&Sweet tour in Munchen was my final and last Madonna experience for this summer! It was an amazing evening, never to forget! Madonna looked at me, smiled at me and changed my life.

Here you can find some photo's I took, my concert ticket and 2 newspapers about the concert:





New items added to collection and website - Posted 16 August 2009

                2 x 12" vinyl singles : Bad girl & Rescue me


New magazine coverfeatures added to website and collection - Posted 1 August 2009

Thanks to Benjamin I was able to add these beautiful Madonna magazine covers to my website and collection, enjoy!



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