Newspaper covers added to webiste and collection - Posted 31 December 2007

I added some newspaper covers I got from my friend Igor! Thanks! For bigger scans please visit my Magazine Covers gallery.


New covers added to website and collection - Posted 25 December 2007

I have an AMAZING update on magazine covers, thanks to my BEST FRIEND Sofia! Thank you SOOOOO much for your amazing gift babe! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your amazing help and support for my collection and your friendship, you're my shining star!





New magazine articles - Posted 23 December 2007

Here are some new magazine articles that I received lately from my dear friend Bianca! Thank you SOOOO much! Enjoy! All articles are from german magazines.




New covers added to collection and website - Posted 8 December 2007

Many thanks to Rene for helping me with these 2 covers and all the other amazing articles, thanks! :)


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