New items added to collection and gallery - Posted friday 26 january 2007

Released in The Nethelands today : The confessions tour DVD!! Here you can find both the DVD+CD set and also the normal DVD:

Confessions tour DVD+CD set - Cat. Nr. - 9362-44489-2

Confessions tour DVD - Cat. nr. - 7599 38697-2

 Another new item is the 'Nightlife' magazine, Madonna featured on the cover back in 2006. Thanks to Fabienne for this one! Check out my collection gallery for bigger scans!





New magazine - and newspaper covers added to collection and gallery - Posted sunday 7 january 2007

I recieved some new magazine and newspaper covers!:)They are now added to my Magazine Covers gallery so check out my gallery for bigger scans. Thanks SOOOO much to my new awesome trader, Jarka, for helping me with these!



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