First magazine added to collection and website - Posted 16 January 2008

I've added the First magazine from 7th January 2008 to my collection and website. Please visit the Magazine Covers section for a bigger scan! A million thanks to my dearest friend **Sofia** for her neverending help with my collection! MWAH!

New items added to collection and website - Posted 13 January 2008

I added some new items to my collection, thanks to Fabienne for the french 1998 Spotlight magazine! I also add some info about the CD singles, enjoy!

1998 Frozen - Cardsleeve CD single (2-trk) - Cat.Nr. 4539-17244-9 - France

1998 Ray of light - Cardsleeve CD single (2-trk) - Cat.Nr. 5439-17209-9 - France

1999 Nothing really matters - Cardsleeve CD single (2-trk) - Cat.Nr. 5439-16997-9 - France



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