New items added to collection and website - Posted 31 july 2007

I added some new items to my website and collection, as well as some magazines. There is a special girl I have to thank for the magazines...and for much more! You know who you are, love ya Sofia!MWAH!


Film Threat - USA 1993

Esquire - USA 1999

New York - USA 2006

I love English - France 2006


Blue in the face - DVD 1995

Evita 1CD set - 1996

The english roses; Too good to be true - 2006

Madonna on the cover of 'Diva & Donna' - Posted 18 july 2007

Madonna is featured on the cover of the new issue 'Diva & Donna', a dutch magazine. It's the July/August issue so make sure to get your copy! It has a beautiful picture on the cover from the Oscar Vanity Fair party earlier this year.

New covers! - Posted Tuesday 10 july 2007

I added 2 new magazine covers and 1 newspaper cover to my collection and website. The newspaper is from Saturday 7 july, Madonna is partly on the cover and inside is a full page article on Live earth. Thanks to Thierry for the Star Image magazine!


Madonna on the cover of Closer magazine - Posted 3 july 2007

Madonna features on the cover of Closer,  the UK magazine.

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