New items added to colleciton and website - Posted 30 March 2008

More new items are added to my collection and website, check out the magazine covers and collection gallery for bigger scans. Thanks to Rene for sending me the Playboy cover and all the other amazing magazine material! Thx!

1999 12 inch LP Nothing really matters - Cat.Nr. W471T / 9362 44624 0 - UK

2003 12 inch LP Love profusion - Cat.Nr. W634T / 9362 42694 0 - UK

1995 One more chance Casette Single - Cat.Nr. W0337C / 5439-17658-4 - UK

1995 You'll see Casette Single - Cat.Nr. WO 324C / 5439 17713-4 - UK

Playboy magazine cover - October 1994 Germany




New items added to collection and website - Posted 24 March 2008

I was able to add this beautiful Evita Cinema promotion display to my collection! Cinemas used it for the promotion for the movie back in 1996. I also added 2 new CDsingles to my collection:

1996 Don't cry for me Argentina - CD maxi single (3-trk) - Cat.Nr. 9362-43821-2 - Germany

2001 What it feels like for a girl - CD maxi single (2-trk) - Cat.Nr 5439 16752-2 - Germany



Madonna on the cover of dutch GRAZIA magazine - Posted 20 March 2008

Madonna graces the cover of dutch GRAZIA magazine, this week's issue. There also one page about Madonna in the dutch GALA magazine. They're both in stores this week for dutch fans!


AMAZING B-day gift! - Posted 16 March 2008

Many, MANY, MANY thanks go out to Sofia, Ann and German for this AMAZING B-day present!! Thank you guys, I'm *Flying* !!!!

Check out my Magazine Covers section for bigger scans.





New magazine covers added to website and collection - Posted 13 March 2008

Check out these cool spanish magazine covers that I was able to add to my collection! Fotogramas: 2x 1987, 1989, and 1990 issues. As well as the 2000 spanish Rolling Stone issue. BIG THANKS to German for these!



New items added to collection and website - Posted 11 March 2008

Thanks to Louis (THANKS!) I was able to add these cool unofficial Interview CDS to my collection. I also added the Human Nature, 5-trk german CD single to my collection!



MaxFactor promotional displays added to collection and website - Posted 8 March 2008

I was lucky enough to be able to add these amazing promotional displays for MaxFactor to my personal collection! Enjoy!




New coverfeature and articles added to collection and website - Posted 2 March 2008

Thanks to Igor I was able to add this new coverfeature and magazine articles to my collection, thanks!




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