Sticky & Sweet DVD release party @ FAME Amsterdam - Posted 19 March 2010

Last night I was able to attend the 'Sticky & Sweet tour DVD' release party at the FAME musicstore in Amsterdam. Below you can check out some photos from the party, as well as the brand new Amsterdam Madame Tussauds Madonna look-a-like :)

During the party I was able to add the new DVD to my collection, as well as some new promotional items for Celebration and the Sticky & Sweet tour DVD.



The DVD:



Promotional items for Celebration and the Sticky & Sweet tour DVD:


On the cover for a magazine - Posted 19 March 2010

Madonna graces the cover of this week's dutch issue of Grazia magazine. Check out the magazines gallery for a bigger scan!

New items added to website and collection - Posted 17 March 2010

I was able to add the 4 vinyl set for Celebration to my collection. Thanks to my sweet girlfriend Kim for giving it to me for my birthday, I love you so much! ;-*

I've also added a self-made jacket to my collection.



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