Magazine coverfeatures update! - Posted Saturday 31 May 2008

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to my soulsista *SOFIA* for your amazing help! You a true angel and sweetheart! I can't ever thank you enough for all your help with my collection! You're DA BEST! MWAH!

Many thanks go out to Joanna ( for her help with the polish ELLE magazine, Machina and TomKultury, THANKS!







A Certain Sacrifice DVD added to website and collection - Posted Friday 30 May

Thanks to Louis I was able to add this DVD A Certain Sacrifice to my collection. Check out my collection section to see a bigger scan.

Girlie show tourbook added to website and collection - Posted Sunday 25 May 2008

Finally, after years of searching for it, I'm able to add this amazing Girlie show tourbook to my collection! Check out to see the complete book.




Hard Candy Limited Special edition box + magazines added to collection and website - Posted Saturday 17 May 2008

Today I received the Hard Candy Limited Special edition box, it's a really cool collectors item. I also got a promotional Cardbox card from France, to promote Hard Candy. Madonna's a popular covergirl this week in Holland, 3 new magazines feature Madonna on the cover!




Back from Paris Hard Candy showcase!! - Posted Sunday 11 May 2008

I'm back from the Hard Candy showcase in Paris!!! It took me a while to update but here it is! This showcase was absolutely AMAZING and the best thing ever!! A once in a lifetime - experience, that's for sure! My dream came true! Here you can seem some photos I took, click on the photo to see a bigger scan. Please check out my full report and more photos here! Scroll down to see the merchandise I bought at the concert, enjoy! 




Hard Candy promo tour Merchandise - Posted Sunday 11 May 2008

Check out the cool Merchandise that was available at the Hard Candy promo showcase in Paris, it's added to my collection and website. You can also see the ticket and wristband for the show. Madonna is now on the cover of ELLE USA and dutch magazine M-Man|Male|Matcho, check it out!




Free Record Shop magazine - Posted 4 May 2008

Madonna is on the cover of Free Record Shop magazine, a free magazine from the music store with the same name, enjoy!

GOING 2 PARIS PROMO GIG 06-05-08 - Posted 4 May 2008

My dream came true: I'm going to attend Madonna's Hard Candy promo concert in Paris on Tuesday!

* sgatje, superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbedankt dat je mn droom uit laat komen! Ben je voor eeuwig dankbaar! *



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