Updated video list - Posted Wednesday 29 november 2006

I just updated my video files list on my website! Check it out! Feel free to ask for any video's, I would be happy to upload them for u:)

New New items added to my collection - Posted wednesday 29 november 2006

I have added several cool items to my collection. Some new amazing new magazine covers as you can see, as well as the new ICON magazine issue # 46, and newspaper covers. Thanks SOOOO much to my sweets friend Sofia and Tomoko for helping me out! YOU ARE DA BEST! Check out the Magazine Covers and Collection gallery to see bigger scans :)



8 new magazine covers added to collection and gallery - Posted Sunday 12 november 2006

I have added 8 new magazine covers to my collection and gallery. Thanks to Igor and Daniela for helping me! Go to the magazine covers gallery to view larger versions of the covers.



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